COST FA 1303 – WG4 meeting Bologna, 20-21 September

2017 Reims (FRANCE) – International Council on Grapevine Trunk Diseases
1 March 2019
UNIBO – 2013 – Results test of efficacy towards three fungi acting as grapevine agents of the MAL dell’ESCA
22 March 2019

From 2013 to 2017 a group of scientific researchers has studied and worked actively with the aim of improving the understanding of the mechanisms of the main diseases of the wood of Vine (GTDs: Grapevine Trunk Diseases) collecting data and defining scientific research methodologies.

He has developed management strategies to reduce the impact of the GTDs, through a synergy work between university researchers and interested sectors of the industrial world.

Defining and establishing scientific platforms to communicate new information about the dissemination and control of the GTDs.

The last meeting that ended the 4-year research period was held in Bologna in September 2017.

– Poster Cost FA1303 (2013 – 2017)