Our MICROSAP® fertilizers take their name from the biotechnology that is the basis of our formulations which represent in the agricultural sector a cutting-edge innovation in the field of plant nutrition, for the uniqueness of the formulations based on natural extracts, and innovative solutions of microelements.

MICROSAP® is a biocompatible carrier capable of forming a coating (film) on the leaf surface capable of making the active ingredients available longer over time.

The MICROSAP®, thanks to the morphological irregularity and the considerable external electrostatic charge, is able to bind to the leaf surface. For this reason our MICROSAP® fertilizers do not require adhesives or tackifiers. Tests carried out in the field and microscope analysis demonstrate the presence of MICROSAP® on the leaf even days after application, unlike the classic technical means, which in the absence of adhesives and adjuvants are easily washed away with a simple rain.

NDG Natural Development Group Srl is registered in the Register of Fertilizer Manufacturers at no. 01985/17


Microsap® BIO products
containing copper
are permitted for organic use.

Soil and Health Certification

Obtained in compliance with the DTP Soil and Health Inputs

Il coadiuvante liquido Calantioss permette di migliorare l'efficacia delle sostanze che costituiscono i formulati della linea Microsap® BIO. Calantioss è progettato per veicolare alla pianta i principi attivi dei formulati migliorandone l'assorbimento, grazie a un carrier (Microsap®) brevettato biocompatibile.

Calantioss, non ha caratteristiche né di un fertilizzante né di un fitosanitario.
La composizione specificata e la qualità dei prodotti impiegati garantiscono sufficienti informazioni ai consumatori a norma dell’articolo 76 del Decreto Legislativo del 6 settembre 2005 numero 206 (G.U. n. 235 del 8/10/2005) e successive modifiche ed integrazioni.