Our MICROSAP® fertilizers take their name from the biotechnology that is the basis of our formulations which represent in the agricultural sector a cutting-edge innovation in the field of plant nutrition, for the uniqueness of the formulations based on natural extracts, and innovative solutions of microelements.

MICROSAP® is a biocompatible carrier capable of forming a coating (film) on the leaf surface capable of making the active ingredients available longer over time.

The MICROSAP®, thanks to the morphological irregularity and the considerable external electrostatic charge, is able to bind to the leaf surface. For this reason our MICROSAP® fertilizers do not require adhesives or tackifiers. Tests carried out in the field and microscope analysis demonstrate the presence of MICROSAP® on the leaf even days after application, unlike the classic technical means, which in the absence of adhesives and adjuvants are easily washed away with a simple rain.

NDG Natural Development Group Srl is registered in the Register of Fertilizer Manufacturers at no. 01985/17