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Xylella spreading threatens nurseries and tourism
19 June 2017
Vineyard nightmare: vines suffer from Esca disease – Convention held at the Leonardo wine cellars – La Nazione 23/03/2016
22 June 2017

The Flavescence dorée vine disease was the topic discussed in Govone on May 2 during a meeting focused on the presentation of several research studies carried out by Natural Development Group of Bologna which is testing on vines the innovative Bioactive line of products. It is a multidisciplinary research that is attracting a lot of attention and curiosity and many hope will bring positive results. Gianluca Manfredini and his staff are handling four lines of studies: three focused on research against the esca disease and Flavescence dorée and one focused on typical fungal diseases such as oidium, downy mildew and blackrot. The leaf preparations under analysis are the result of research carried out into bio-materials and in particular bio-intelligent molecules which could help the plants to overcome the challenge of various diseases. What is even more important is that some of these molecule would not have any harmful impact on people. There are no miracles. In Govone there were many growers and after the meeting the interest for these novelty products has started to grow. Especially those vine-growers that up until now have been respectful of the laws and treated their plants with traditional products but did not obtain the expected results.
However, it is the researches themselves that are cautioning people not think of these products as miraculous. The tests performed have already shown significant results but they are not guarantee of a successful outcome. The researchers are the first ones to remind people that pest-control products do help, but agricultural techniques are what make all the difference. Today as it will be tomorrow.

Meeting in Govone on the latest products to fight it.