Algescar – confirmation scientifically proven by the University of Teramo

NDG Group wins the tender issued by the University of Teramo
26 March 2019
4 March 2020

Following the positive scientifically proven findings on the effectiveness of the compound developed and patented by the University of Teramo, for the treatment of foliar symptoms of the Vine affected by the Mal of Esca [*], Natural Development Group decided to purchase the development rights and commercial exploitation of the patent and created:


a product composed of Calcium and Magnesium in a balanced relationship, enriched with vegetable adjuvants capable of complexing and effectively conveying the two nutrients.

NDG Group with the aim of acting on several fronts with applications that cover the entire vegetative cycle of the vine, starting from the disinfection of pruning cuts and wounds caused by unfavorable weather conditions and from post-harvest, has designed and inserted Algescar in a synergistic use protocol, associating it with VitiBioSap® ES PLUS, in order to reduce the risk of fungus inoculation and foliar striation, favoring in this way a higher yield and an increase in sugar content.

[*] – (University of Teramo) – «It optimizes the physiological processes of treated vines, which translate into significant increases in the quantity and quality of production, both of healthy plants and those affected by the disease , and the ability in these latter to modulate the response of the plant to the factors responsible for the expression of the symptoms on the foliage, determining the significant reduction of this manifestation and the qualitative and quantitative losses of the product».